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Strandhotel Glücksburg

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General conditions of use for the picture libary of primo PR

As PR agency for the serviced clients primo PR provides photos free of charge, so long as those are used for the purpose of editorial reporting and their mentioning within articles. In cases of doubt please ask us via info@primo-pr.com, if a use free of charge is possible.

The user is bound to apply picture material together with the name of the respective client, e.g. ©Leonardo Hotels. There shall be no doubt as to which picture the reference is assigned.

The use of the picture material does not lead to the acquisition of the copyright or propietary rights.

When using our picture library, we kindly ask you to send us a file copy or the reference link to the online article. Transmission to third parties is not permitted.

The provided picture material may neither be reshaped, distorded, blanked out nor fundamentaly altered. The user is liable for all damages arising from misuse or unlawful use.

For legal claims of third parties, that are carried over to us due to improper use, the user bears the costs of legal proceedings respectively the prtection of legal claims, including any lawyer costs.

We kindly ask you to state the web presence www.primo-pr.com in the source proof. Contact: www.primo-pr.com